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     Our employees have a combined total of over 30 years experience with Asset Recovery Life Cycle Management process. ABC offers both technical and non-technical support staff to help with Inventory Asset Management. These services could be simple Inventory of assets not being used today or a complete detailed Inventory of all assets being used today with manufacturer make, model and Serial Number and specs of each system, depending on client requirements. Clients rely on us for an efficient, cost-effective way to recycle electronic equipment, minimize liability risks, eliminate warehousing fees and ensure that proprietary information is completely removed by using the US Department of Defense (DOD) standards.
Our processes include complete audit trail from the time we pick up your old systems, whether they are being refurbished for resale or broken down for green recycling you will have the peace of mind knowing your data has been wiped clean and the systems have been disposed of environmentally friendly. 

ABC Basic End of Life IT Removal
ABC Basic EOL program removes your IT Assets and Guarantees 100% secure, safe Asset disposal. We will take title of Inventory and give you disposal certification certificate of safe recycling. 

Customer records serials, manufacturer, model number w/specs onto excel
Customer palletizes, shrink wraps and labels each pallet with Pallet #
and Excel spreadsheet.
Customer emails Purchase Order to sales@abc-rec.com
to schedule an EOL IT Pickup.
ABC-RECYCLING dispatches Company Secured truck for pickup.
ABC verifies quantity of systems and/or Pallets compared to inventory.
Customer equipment is transported to ABC’s warehouse in Landing NJ.
Equipment is unloaded, Inventory qty’s verified, dismantled and put into their respective Areas. (ABC Warehouse Recycling Protocol for details.)
Hard Drives will be destroyed.*
IT Equipment manufactured before 2005 will be broken down for scrap.
Trucking Fee* ABC Box Truck and Tractor Trailer available.

*Quantity of Assets/Hrs will determine removal costs

ABC Asset Management Inventory Services 
ABC offers many options to help your company with all your asset disposal/recycling needs. Some of the options we offer are not limited to list below and we will work to customize our service to your needs. 

ABC will do site survey if required to work out logistics
Customer emails Purchase Order to sales@abc-rec.com
ABC will Inventory equipment in a designated area.*
ABC Inventory is designed with customer requirements for disposal.
Onsite Inventory specialists†equipped with scanner and laptop for electronic recording. Scanned to an Excel Spreadsheet
ABC palletizes, shrink wraps and labels each pallet with Pallet # and Excel spreadsheet.
Onsite Inventory.*
Assets removed from their respective Work Stations.*
Drive Erase and Certifications*
Packing materials included (Pallets, Shrink Wrap, Bubble wrap, Cardboard)
Agree on Resale pricing with Customer. If equipment still has value on USED IT Market
onsite Technicians Install/De-install equipment from Racks.*
Offsite Warehouse Storage - _____ per Sq Ft
Chain of Custody Certificate Paper trail of recycled materials
Network Design – Consult with IT Personnel on Network Installs
Infrastructure Design, Hardware installation and Configuration
Electronic Inventory will be sent to customer contact.
Trucking Fee* ABC Box Truck and Tractor Trailer available.

*Quantity of Assets/Hrs will determine removal costs

ABC Asset Recovery Option
  At the customer’s request, if some of your old equipment still holds significant value, ABC can resell this equipment and share the profits with you. Ask your ABC representative for details. Not all equipment qualifies for resell and there is a resell time limit.